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Algerian elections: Workers’ Party loses seats

In Africa on May 11, 2012 at 7:01 pm

ALGIERS, Algeria — The Trotskyist Workers’ Party has not ended among the first three in the legislative elections held on May 10, 2012, according to preliminary reports by Reuters

The ruling National Liberation Front (FLN) is said to have 220 seats in the 462-seat parliament. The National Rally for Democracy of Prime Minister  Ahmed Ouyahia was in second place with 68 seats, and the moderate Islamist Green Algeria alliance was third with 48. It is unclear how many seats the Workers’ Party has gained at this point.

There was widespread apathy amongst the population, with estimates of voter turnout ranging from merely circa 30 to 45 percent. Many presumed electoral fraud, but international monitors have reported a relatively free procedure. “Citizens were, in general, able to truly exercise their right to vote,” said Jose Ignacio Salafranca, head of the EU observer mission. Critics nonetheless argue that the elections are a farce arguing the real power lies with an informal network the Algerian population calls “the power” (le pouvoir).

The National Rally for Democracy and the National Liberation Front are both part of the “presidential alliance”. The Movement of Society for Peace, which is part of the Islamist Green Algeria alliance, is also part of the presidential alliance.

In the previous legislative elections in 2007 the Workers’ Party became the largest opposition party against the “presidential alliance.”


The Workers’ Party has won 20 seats, in comparison to 26 seats in the previous elections. It is now the fifth largest party. The social-democrats have won 21 seats and are the fourth largest party.

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Greek communists receive 25,2% of votes

In Europe on May 6, 2012 at 6:51 pm

ATHENS, Greece — The two Greek communist parties, the Marxist-Leninist KKE and the Eurocommunist SYRIZA, have jointly won circa 22-28 percent of the votes according to exit polls. Neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn has won between 6-8 percent of votes.

The Eurocommunist SYRIZA has won between 15 and 18,5 percent of the votes, while the KKE somewhat disappointingly reached almost 7,5 to 10 percent of the votes.

The two ruling parties, who now have two thirds of parliament, have fallen to merely almost 40 percent of the votes jointly. The centre-right New Democracy has won between 17 and 20 percent of the votes (now 33,5 percent). While the now largest social capitalist PASOK has between 14 and 17 percent of the votes (now almost 44 percent).


The four communist parties KKE, ANTARSYA, SYRIZA, ΚΚΕ(μ-λ) jointly received 25,2%. Only the KKE and SYRIZA received enough votes to enter parliament. Other communist parties (such as the Trotskyist EEK, and anti-Russian Maoist conspiracy theorist party OAKKE) received less than 0,1 percent of the votes.

Final results:

New Democracy: 20,4%
SYRIZA: 15,6%
PASOK: 14,2%
Independent Greeks: 10,3%
KKE: 8,3%
Golden Dawn: 6,8%
DIMAR: 5,9%
Ecologists: 2,7%
LAOS: 2,8%
Dimokratiki Simmachia: 2,6%
Creation! Again: 1,9%
Action: 1,5%

The coalition of Trotskyists, Maoists, and Marxist-Leninists, ANTARSYA (Marxist-Leninist party): 1,1%

The Maoist ‘Communist Party of Greece (Marxist–Leninist)’: 0,2%

FC Sankt Pauli does what it was supposed to do, but it was not enough

In Europe on May 6, 2012 at 2:45 pm

HAMBURG, Germany — Left-wing football club Sankt Pauli located in Hamburg failed to reach third place in the second Bundesliga which would have given them the possibility of promotion to the first Bundesliga. Sankt Pauli finished fourth in the second Bundesliga on Sunday.

FC Sankt Pauli, ranked fifth in the 33rd round, needed to win from SC Paderborn 07, ranked fourth, while Fortuna Düsseldorf (ranked third) had to lose to MSV Duisberg. Sankt Pauli won by 5 – 0 from SC Paderborn 07 on Sunday. Goals scored where by Lasse Sobiech (1-0), Max Kruse (2-0), Florian Bruns (3-0), Moritz Volz (4-0), and Deniz Naki (5-0). It turned out this was not enough as Fortuna Düsseldorf played 2-2 against MSV Duisberg.

Both Sankt Pauli and Fortuna Düsseldorf ended the competition with 62 points, but Düsseldorf ended third on the basis of goal scoring ratio of +29 to +25 by Sankt Pauli. Sankt Pauli thus required a win of 10 to 0 in order to end in third place.

Sankt Pauli, the football club known for the radical left supporters base, will be playing in the second Bundesliga next year.