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Chilean youth leaders cast doubt on their revolutionary credentials by praising Cuba

In Latin America on April 5, 2012 at 6:54 pm

Santiago, Chile — Two Chilean student leaders, the general secretary of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Youths of Chile (JJCC), Karol Cariola  and Camila Vallejo, a member of its executive committee, have cast doubt on their revolutionary credentials by thanking Cuba on Tuesday for being an example of resistance and a bastion of hope for the world, as well as praising its continual “perfection” in the face of continuing privatisation.

The two youth leaders visited Cuba on the 50th anniversary of Cuba’s Young Communist League (UJC). “In spite of the U.S. economic blockade, Cuba firmly advances in the construction of a socialist society as an example of resistance in front of the powerful, while Chile remains a mainstay of neo-liberalism and the resulting exclusion, inequality and oppression,” Karol said.

According to the two youth leaders Cuba lives “a revolution that is constantly perfecting itself and that offers its citizens basic guarantees, of which the Chilean people have been deprived.” Meanwhile Cuba has been increasingly privatising its economy. In the year 2000 (seven years before more market reforms were introduced), public sector employment was 76 percent and private sector employment was 23 percent.

Camila Vallejo at a student rally

Camila Vallejo was the iconic student leader of the Chilean student protests in 2011 that continued this year. She lost the re-election  for president of the Universidad de Chile Student Federation in december 2011.


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