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Suicide of debt-stricken man triggers riots in Greece

In Europe on April 6, 2012 at 12:35 pm

Rioters express their fury

Athens, Greece — The suicide of a 77-year old man, Dimitris Christoulas, in front of Greek parliament earlier this week over his debt and looming poverty have triggered riots.

Earlier this week, a 77-year-old retired pharmacist shot himself in the head near a subway exit on central Syntagma Square. Police said a handwritten note was found on the Christoulas’ body in which he attributed his decision to the debt crisis. Yesterday evening, 1,500 people took the streets in memory of  the pensioner’s suicide, after which youths started throwing petrol bombs at police in front of the Greek parliament on Syntagma square.

Hundreds of protesters made their way across the street from the square to outside Parliament and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, chanting: “This was not a suicide, it was a state-perpetrated murder” and “Blood flows and seeks revenge.”

Despite the obvious political nature of the suicide, the government was quick to say it does not belong in political discourse. Government spokesman Pantelis Kapsis described the incident as “a human tragedy,” but said it should not become part of the political debate. Dimitris Christoulas’ only daughter disagrees, Emy Christoulas (43) explains “this final act was a conscious political act, entirely consistent with what he believed and did in his life. She added that, for some, “committing suicide is not an escape but a cry of awakening.” Protesters were quick to act in accordance with this and have elevated the status of Dimitris Christoulas to that of a “martyr.”

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