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Angry mob attacks police officer

In Europe on April 7, 2012 at 5:26 pm

Athens, Greece — A group of angry Greek protesters has attacked a police officer after the suicide of a 77-year old man in retaliation of police violence.

Earlier this week, a 77-year old man Dimitris Christoulas, committed suicide in front of the Greek parliament on central Syntagma square because of the current crisis in Greece. Earlier this lead to unrest in the Greek capital when thousands of people marched in protest of government policies in response to the note found on the man’s body calling on young people to kill those responsible for the current crisis, who he identified as the politicians.

There, some of the demonstrators spotted two policemen who had just finished their patrol. About a dozen protesters quickly put on balaclavas to hide their faces and pursued the policemen. One managed to escape. The second was dragged down some steps, shoved to the ground and punched and kicked for about three minutes.

Hundreds of people attended the memorial service for the 77-year old retired pharmacist. The attackers took his bulletproof vest, as well as a bag containing a belt, a uniform and handcuffs. The attackers placed some of the items on the spot where Christoulas shot himself, adding them to a makeshift memorial.

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