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Egyptian oil workers strike

In Africa on April 7, 2012 at 7:11 pm

Egypt — A strike orchestrated by 100 workers against oil giant ExxonMobil originated four days ago on April 4, 2012. The strike comes as workers who have been working for the company since 1985 have not been employed directly through ExxonMobil, and have not received the same privileges as those who have. Tarek Dawish, a member of the trade union of the company said : “If we get contracts we will get many of our lost rights. We want the rights mentioned by the Labour Law, “and “only administrative workers, engineers and workers’ supervisors are directly hired by ExxonMobil and thus benefit from financial and other privileges workers don’t get.”

The workers went on to express two things that would satisfy them: Recognition by ExxonMobil as employees, or the EGPC (Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation) becomes their subcontractor. If those demands are granted the workers would recieve health insurance and better pay.

Many of those who were contracted to work for Exxon stated they only make “$250 per month”. “I have been working here for 14 years and I get $250 per month. I have nine children, I live in a rented flat and have a herniated disc and no healthcare,” Fathi El-Sherif proclaimed, who is a worker for ExxonMobil.

The reports of herniated discs and other physical health problems are quite common in the factory as the result of the vigorous labor and poor working conditions. El-Sherif also stated the factory administrators made a counterpart take a forced vacation for his injuries.

ExxonMobil stated to the workers that they can leave the company if they wanted.


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