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Hugo Chavez update: Chavez accuses Western powers of imperialism, and vows to overcome cancer

In Latin America on April 7, 2012 at 2:16 pm

Caracas, Venezuela — Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez accused the US government and its Western allies of imperialism when he claimed they are provoking violence in Syria in an effort to topple its government on Friday.

Chavez claimed he had spoken with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, who told him the security situation in his country is improving and hopes the violence will come to an end soon. “He told me there have been more than 2,000 soldier martyrs and a larger number of innocent people who have died as a result of the terrorist plan to remove him from power,” Chavez said in a phone call broadcast live on Venezuela’s state television. “The pressure by the Yankee empire and its allies continues, trying to use arms to topple President Bashar Assad, using terrorism,” he added.

Chavez has been a vocal ally of Bashar’s regime throughout and the Venezuelan regime has aided Syrian repression by sending shipments of Venezuelan diesel fuel to Syria. Chavez, who has long had an antagonistic relationship with the US government, has repeatedly accused Washington of trying to stir up violence in Syria similar to the fighting in Libya that led to the ouster and killing of his ally Moammar Gadhafi.

A day earlier on Thursday, Chavez dramatically prayed for his survival from cancer when he attended a Mass. “Give me life even if it’s … painful life. I don’t care. Christ, give me your crown. Give it to me, I will bleed. … Give me life because I still have things to do for these people,” he said. “Don’t take me yet.”

He then emotionally addressed a crowd. Chavez claims he has become more spiritual after being diagnosed with cancer. “Today I’m more Christian than ever. I’ve entrusted myself to the hands of Christ,” he said. “I’m clinging to life and I ask God, Christ my lord, to continue giving us life.”

The 57-year old Venezuelan leader has received radiation treatment in Cuba. Chavez has vowed to overcome cancer and is running for re-election in October.


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