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Greek police step up violent repression

In Europe on April 8, 2012 at 11:13 pm

Athens, Greece — After the suicide of Dimitris Christoulas last Wednesday, police have stepped up their violent repression by using pre-emptive violence on a daily basis against peaceful protesters.

Last week a young man on Kreta was arrested for allegedly breaching a cordon after which he was interrogated for hours. He was released with broken ribs and cracked pancreas, the Belgian newspaper ‘The World Tomorrow’ reports.

Police in Athens have increasingly used chemicals to fight protests. Whereas first the police awaited the violence from protesters before using a baton, they now charge pre-emtively and use chemicals that cut of air supplies, which gives the tourist slogan of “breathtaking Athens” a cynical connotation, the World Tomorrow comments.

Police have also increasingly been targeting journalists, despite the journalists identifying themselves. Press photographer Manolis Kypraios suffers from a balance disorder and has become deaf after a police attack. The government denies any responsibility.

Since the suicide of a 77-year old pharmacist, police seem to use pre-emptive violence as standard procedure desperately wanting to maintain order. Protesters, in retaliation, have attacked a police officer as a result.

The blood originates from a police officer who fell victim to retaliatory violence. "The only good cop is a dead cop", the text on the left reads, signed with an anarchist symbol.



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