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Moldova removes pro-Communist T.V. program

In Europe on April 8, 2012 at 7:08 am

Moldova — Moldova’s state broadcast regulators removed a pro-Communist television  license to broadcast this Friday. The move by the regulators  has spawned rumors of censorship and could possibly set back former Soviet Republic states relations with the European Union.

The television station, NIT, has routinely castigated the Alianţa pentru Integrare Europeană (Alliance for European Integration), a coterie of pro-Western parties that rose to power after defeating the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova in 2009.

NIT expressed their outrage and promised to appeal the regulator’s decision in court. They went on to say “Their decision shows the weakness of the authorities and fact that the oversight body serves (the ruling parties’) political interests.

Moldovan laws require the media to observe the right to minority groups in reporting and states that political parties or opposition to the majority get equal broadcasting time. Which the NIT is saying the regulators are unjustly restricting their right to give a view of contrast.

The current ruling alliance seized power after violent protests in April 2009 arose by a parliamentary election in which the Communists of the Republic of Moldova won 50% of the vote, giving them enough sway to allow them to choose a new president and amend the constitution.

When the alliance finally won the elections in 2009 they moved the Communists into the minority.

– Viktor


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