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Students killed by home-made bomb, raises concern about radicalisation and alleged guerrilla infiltration

In Latin America on April 8, 2012 at 11:51 am

Bogota, Colombia — The death of three Colombian university students at the hand of their own home-made bomb has raised concerns about radicalisation of students and the influence of radical left groups in universities.

Three students were killed by a home-made bomb

Oscar Arcos, Daniel Andres Garzon, and another person identified as Zaida tragically died in an explosion in a Bogota apartment, Monday last week. Their ages ranged from 19 till 22.  The young men studied at the School of Social Sciences of the Francisco Jose de Caldas District University. Local press also said the police found propaganda material belonging to various Colombian guerrilla groups including Colombia’s largest the FARC. Another unnamed student was wounded and another nine people were treated for shrapnel wounds and hearing damage.

The incident occurred a week after a 24-year old student died during university riots in the city of Tunia in central Colombia, who is said to have died at the hands of a self-made grenade. The so-called potato bomb exploded in his hand and he sustained fatal injuries. Six other students were wounded.

These incidents have sparked fear of guerrilla infiltration in universities. Government secretary of Bogota, Antonio Navarro Wolff, said guerrilla groups are infiltrating Colombian universities, last week. “The events in Tunja and Bogota are related … There’s something strange about what happened in Tunja, and I think the [students killed in Bogota] were making bombs for a protest in solidarity with the students of Tunja,” he commented. The accusations of guerrilla infiltration come amid ongoing student protests over education reform. Navarro Wolff denied students are forming urban guerrilla groups.


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