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Turkey accuses Syria of killing two civilians on Turkish soil

In Asia on April 9, 2012 at 2:35 pm

Killis, Turkey — The Turkish authorities have accused Syria of shooting at Syrian refugees who resided near the Syrian border on Turkish soil, on Sunday.

Syrian activists claim that a large number of Syrian troops and armor resided near the Turkish border. A Turkish government official said the three people who were wounded — two of whom were Syrian and one Turkish translator — were hit when they tried and failed to rescue two civilians who were shot and killed near the border. The incident occurred six miles into Turkey, near the town of Killis. The Turkish Foreign Ministry had asked a Syrian diplomat in Ankara to provide information, the officials said, and there were conflicting accounts about the episode.

The shootings indicate the fragility of the cease-fire proposal which entailed the withdrawal from all major cities, 48 hours before the truce begins. Both the Syrian government and the insurgents going by the name of the Free Syrian Army seem unwilling to hold to their end of the bargain. Syria demanded written guarantees from rebel forces that they would lay down their arms before the government forces withdrew. The Free Syrian Army responded by saying that they expected the truce to fail as a result of this.

Thousands of Syrian refugees have crossed the border into Turkey since the uprising broke out last year.


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