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Castro speaks about Harper and Oil Sands.

In North America on April 10, 2012 at 1:30 am

OTTAWA— Fidel Castro has announced his feelings towards the PM of Canada, Stephen Harper and the Canadian government  for negative impacts caused by the extraction of crude from the Albertaoilsands.

The leader of Cuba’s communist revolution of more than half a century ago published a  new essay on the state of hemispheric affairs this weekend.

Castro transitioned the Cuban presidency to his brother, Raul, four years ago, but he stills expresses his opinions on the governments website.

“Stephen Harper’s Illusions” is his latest installment.

In it, Castro claims that the United States a country he loathes because of its economically crippling embargo is forcing Canada to extract oil, which is causing irreparable damage to the environment.

“I knew about the damage caused by the Yankees to the people of Canada,” the essay said. “They forced the country to look for oil by extracting it from huge extensions of sand that are impregnated with that fluid, thus causing an irreparable damage to the environment of that beautiful and extensive country.”

He also accuses Canadian mining companies of harming millions of people throughout Latin America.

He went on to speak about the mining companies saying : “provides further details about an issue that has been identified innumerable times as one of the main scourges that affect millions of persons, stated that mining companies, 60 per cent of which are financed with Canadian capital, worked following the logic of maximum yield at a low cost and in a short time; and that these conditions turn out to be all the more advantageous if in the places where they are stationed, tax revenues are minimal and there are very few environmental and social commitments…”

“The honourable foreign minister of Canada does not dare to say whether or not he supports Argentina in the thorny issue of the Malvinas Islands. He has only expressed beatific wishes for peace to prevail between the two countries.”

“The Caribbean shirt was first made by the banks of the Yayabo River in Cuba; that is why they were originally called yayaberas,” Castro writes.

“The curious thing about this, dear readers, is that Cuba has been forbidden to attend that meeting, but not the guayaberas. Who could hold back from laughing? We must hurry up and tell Harper.”

– Viktor


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