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Russian “Communists” attack liberalism and abortion

In Europe on April 10, 2012 at 1:27 pm

Moscow, Russia — The Communist Party of the Russian Federation has again reared its reactionary head in an article attacking “liberalism” in which it both criticised economic liberalism and denounced abortion.

Chairman of the KPRF,  Gennady Zyuganov, has attacked the liberal policies of Russia’s government t in an edition of Pravda, RT reports.

Zyuganov attacks to widening income inequality in Russia and the growing dependency on gas exports and blames the liberal policies pursued by Russia’s government of the last 12 years, and argues this has resulting in a decline of the living standard.

Zyuganov pointed out that the share of oil and gas incomes in the state budget has grown from 20 percent in 2000 to almost 50 per cent in 2011, RT reports. With Russia’s entry into the World Trade Organization, Zyuganov estimates 2 million jobs will be lost as a consequence.

Lastly, Zyuganov attacked social policies which he blamed moral decadence such as suicide rates (especially amongst children and elderly), and the number of abortions, thereby directly criticising a woman’s right to abortion and slandering it as immoral.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation is primarily motivated by nostalgia for the Soviet Union and nationalism and is notorious for its alleged ties to ultra-nationalist including the National Bolsheviks and its rampant homophobia. The party has consistently argued in favour of criminalising homosexuality. In 2006 members of the KPRF violently attacked participants of a gay pride parade.

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