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Israel plans to block pro-Palestinian Fly-In

In Asia on April 11, 2012 at 1:30 am

ISRAEL — Israel has finalised plans which, it hopes, will stop pro-Palestinian activists’ plans to fly to Israel’s Ben Gurion airport on Sunday and then travel on to the West Bank.

Organisers of the “Welcome to Palestine” campaign hope this years campaign will welcome atleast 2,000 people from Europe to attend the event.

“The Israelis say what we want to do is an agressive act. The point is to see friends and also to challenge the Israelis stopping people going to Palestine. I just want to visit. Why can’t I?” – Dee Murphy says.

Israel doesn’t agree with Dee Murphey, they instead view the campaign as a “flytilla”, and is doing its best to stop the activists from boarding flights at European airports.

Yitzhak Aharonovitch, Israeli public security minister, stated that pro-Palestinian campaigners who arrive at Israeli airports will be held at airport detention facilities until flights are available to take them home.

“Israel will prevent this provocation, the same way any other country bars the entry of hostile entities,” Yitzhak said. “We will handle the provocateurs as quickly and efficiently as possible, but we will not be chasing them down the airport halls.”

West Bank organisers of the campaign said the aim was to highlight Israel’s control of access to the area.

This is the third time a fly-in has been arranged. In 2010 organisers claimed that about 100 foreigners were able to arrive without incident, reach the West Bank and participate in a series of solidarity events.

– Viktor


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