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FC Sankt Pauli does what it was supposed to do, but it was not enough

In Europe on May 6, 2012 at 2:45 pm

HAMBURG, Germany — Left-wing football club Sankt Pauli located in Hamburg failed to reach third place in the second Bundesliga which would have given them the possibility of promotion to the first Bundesliga. Sankt Pauli finished fourth in the second Bundesliga on Sunday.

FC Sankt Pauli, ranked fifth in the 33rd round, needed to win from SC Paderborn 07, ranked fourth, while Fortuna Düsseldorf (ranked third) had to lose to MSV Duisberg. Sankt Pauli won by 5 – 0 from SC Paderborn 07 on Sunday. Goals scored where by Lasse Sobiech (1-0), Max Kruse (2-0), Florian Bruns (3-0), Moritz Volz (4-0), and Deniz Naki (5-0). It turned out this was not enough as Fortuna Düsseldorf played 2-2 against MSV Duisberg.

Both Sankt Pauli and Fortuna Düsseldorf ended the competition with 62 points, but Düsseldorf ended third on the basis of goal scoring ratio of +29 to +25 by Sankt Pauli. Sankt Pauli thus required a win of 10 to 0 in order to end in third place.

Sankt Pauli, the football club known for the radical left supporters base, will be playing in the second Bundesliga next year.


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