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Algerian elections: Workers’ Party loses seats

In Africa on May 11, 2012 at 7:01 pm

ALGIERS, Algeria — The Trotskyist Workers’ Party has not ended among the first three in the legislative elections held on May 10, 2012, according to preliminary reports by Reuters

The ruling National Liberation Front (FLN) is said to have 220 seats in the 462-seat parliament. The National Rally for Democracy of Prime Minister  Ahmed Ouyahia was in second place with 68 seats, and the moderate Islamist Green Algeria alliance was third with 48. It is unclear how many seats the Workers’ Party has gained at this point.

There was widespread apathy amongst the population, with estimates of voter turnout ranging from merely circa 30 to 45 percent. Many presumed electoral fraud, but international monitors have reported a relatively free procedure. “Citizens were, in general, able to truly exercise their right to vote,” said Jose Ignacio Salafranca, head of the EU observer mission. Critics nonetheless argue that the elections are a farce arguing the real power lies with an informal network the Algerian population calls “the power” (le pouvoir).

The National Rally for Democracy and the National Liberation Front are both part of the “presidential alliance”. The Movement of Society for Peace, which is part of the Islamist Green Algeria alliance, is also part of the presidential alliance.

In the previous legislative elections in 2007 the Workers’ Party became the largest opposition party against the “presidential alliance.”


The Workers’ Party has won 20 seats, in comparison to 26 seats in the previous elections. It is now the fifth largest party. The social-democrats have won 21 seats and are the fourth largest party.

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